Our beautiful 1909 kitchens

The 1909 is a classic painted in-frame kitchen with a timeless British feel. Handmade with diligent attention to detail, this beautiful collection of kitchen furniture introduces a classic aesthetic whilst meeting the demands of twenty-first-century living. 1909 works flexibly to any style of home.


Ideally suited to those with minimalist tastes.

Beautifully understated, our purest of door styles offers simple detailing. Linearity and a strong perspective give a more contemporary look compared to our classic in-frame kitchen.


Introducing curved elements to offer fluidity.

The simple form of the in-frame slab door allows for flowing and elaborate layouts even on a relatively modest footprint. Blending different levels, colours & shapes makes for an inviting look that would work in any setting. Colours featured are Slate, Saffron, Partridge Grey and Cornflower Blue.


A truly modern-classic look.

A perfect blend of classic and contemporary design is achieved through a combination of in-frame Shaker and Slab door styles. Classic detailing combined with understated elegance achieves a truly modern-classic look and feel. Colours featured are Cashmere and Truffle.


A distinctly timeless look.

Our classic In-frame Shaker door style offers a distinctly timeless look, shown here in a neutral palette of Flint Grey and Almond, perfectly suiting a modern family home.


Quarter round beading was traditionally used to soften the classic Shaker door.

This kitchen shows just how well 1909 adapts to smaller rooms. It’s a compact design in which space has been carefully considered without compromising on looks or practicality. Featured colours are Morris Blue and Parchment White.


This supremely practical design keeps everything within easy reach.

The most detailed of our three door styles blends beautifully into this period home, with the 1909 treatment carried through to the boot room, glimpsed through part-glazed doors. Charcoal, Partidge Grey and Chalk painted doors are all featured.

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